About me (ENG)

Para la versión española ve a «Sobre mí/Sobre nos«

This is a personal altruistic project of María Zozaya. She is a historian of Social and Cultural History of the XIXth & XXth Centuries and wants all to live in a better world during the XXIth.

Maria Zozaya has a Post Doctoral Grant of Portuguese Government and European Union (Fundaçao de Ciencia e Tecnologia Portuguesa) held at CIDEHUS, Evora University. With CIDEHUS she signed the protocol for Crowd Recycling to work together with  Manuel Ferreira Patricio School (EMFP) to develop in person this sustainability project. There, she made CrowdRecycling workshops for education for citizenship with some special (very special) people, working with gypsy community excluded of society (PIEF),  also the so-called «special pupils» (voluntários). Also, she made workshops with Portuguese locals in different places (general classess for all audiences). Also has the honor to share in this virtual space -with you and the world-  her restlessness about the sustainability of our planet.



MARIA ZOZAYA Had the original idea of creating a site  called CrowdRecycling since July the 9th 2014. Thanks for respecting it.

The moral rights belong to Maria Zozaya and are registered in Creative Commons. In case you repeat and copy the name Crowd-Recycling (like some business are doing since 2015), please, quote us or recognyze the original idea.
When you are beginning a project is your duty to inform you about the original project that has the name you want to copy or reproduce.
Otherwise it can be considered plagium. Is very easy to be honest, is just to quote it on the credits, even if it is a casualty you have to quote it to avoid confusion.


Design and web master:

Maria Zozaya.

Texts and original ideas:

Maria Zozaya.

Edition place: Madrid, Spain

Foto con un auténtico casco Romano de Tetrabrick modelo Lavado y Takio

María Zozaya with a Roman helmet of Tetra-Brick (Design: P. Lavado & E. Castellano).  Fotografía: Salvador Covera.


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ReCYCLE & ReUSE. Site didactico para educar a la ciudadanía en la sostenibilidad, la reutilización y la reducción del gasto energético cotidiano. Idea original de Maria Zozaya-Montes

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